2021 Ford Bronco Spy Shots

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A long-time rumored and the awaited vehicle is finally approaching the final destination called U.S. auto-dealerships. I am talking about the 2021 Ford Bronco of course – the returning Ranger-based off-road SUV, which has been spied testing for the first time a few hours ago. It’s highly important to say that the camouflage doesn’t hide the pre-production model. No, this is just the testing mule, which is covered with some dummy cover panels that prevent me to see what’s actually cooking.

I know this is the 2021 Bronco thanks to several giveaways. The testing model comes fitted with chunky tires and six-lug wheels, and displays pretty generous ride height; it also hints presence of a frame, as well as pretty much the identical width as the current Ranger. That’s important because the off-road SUV is going to be heavily influenced by the mid-size pickup truck.

But guess what? The 2021 Bronco is not going to use truck’s current T6. Instead, the mule is also checking out a new body-on-frame platform that will be in charge of the Bronco and next-gen Ranger. I don’t have much regarding the new chassis, yet I suppose it will cut some weight thanks to lightweight materials and will come fitted with a solid rear axle.

In addition, the 2021 Ford Bronco will most probably use the four-wheel-drive system only. I am not so sure about the ‘box though. However, I bet on the company’s 10-speed auto to be at least available if not standard.

Another probability is the arrival of Ford’s new V6. There’s not much regarding the future engine, but the rumors about it are very persisting, so it might happen after all. If not, you can expect some kind of EcoBoost, likely the mighty 3.5-liter unit. Also, the off-road SUV will get a hybrid option; the electric motor won’t be in charge of better fuel economy only. Instead, it’s also going to be a great help for low-speed off-roading situations and a mighty battery for camping.

Stay tuned for updates.


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