Buick Enspire Electric SUV Concept Introduced and Detailed

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Buick was making a lot of noise over a few past years and will become even louder in the future. The North American car manufacturer maybe not as interesting home as it is in China, but no one can say that they are standing in one place and do nothing. On the contrary, the carmaker may make the biggest steps in some segments, such as electric powertrains. The real proof of that is the upcoming Buick Enspire electric SUV concept.

The amazing high-riding electric vehicle may be, well, the best battery-powered SUV I seen so far. Yes, I am aware that Tesla offers an untouchable Model X, while Jaguar just introduced the intriguing I-Pace, but, to be honest, I will definitely pick the Buick baby. The problem is that we all are looking just into a concept, so it’s still unclear whether the Buick Enspire electric SUV concept can and will hit the production lines.

As far as I understood, the carmaker has a plan to make the Enspire alive, though there might be some changes inside and out. Regarding the concept, it looks awesome thanks to the sleek exterior design and some really impressive details. There are an impressive grille and pair of slim headlights in the front, as well a pretty aggressive front bumper. The profile is very aerodynamic and adjusted to electric-crossover needs, while the rear end gets a LED slim trip in place of usual taillights.

The cabin hosts a design you can’t see anywhere else. Some real wood or odd-looking steering wheel may be available everywhere, but I am not talking about that. No, the most impressive is the reflection on the windshield, which is basically capability to show road information and navigation routes right in from of the driver. In addition, the dash is mated to an OLED touchscreen infotainment, which is rumored to be clean, fast, and simple.

Under the fancy hood, the electric crossover hides a real monster. More precisely, it’s coupled with an eMotion electric propulsion technology, which uses a 410 kW motor that delivers 550 horsepower. According to Buick, the crossover will be able to cross 370 miles without stopping to recharge. Speaking of charging, I have to mention that the manufacturer has enabled both wireless and fast charging options, which means that the crossover can easily be recovered up to 80 percent in around 40 minutes.

The carmaker hasn’t released anything regarding the potential price of the Buick Enspire electric SUV, but I think it will be in the same range as Tesla’s Falcon Wing doors crossover, which is a bit over $80K.


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